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Data Collection Ownership (The Holder)

Europe Event Solutions Srl
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Legal References

As per Section 13 of Italian Law Decree n. 196 dated 30 June 2003 ("Privacy Law"), Section 13 of European Regulation n. 679 dated 2016 ("Data Protection Regulation"), Ruling n. 229 dated 2014 of the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority (section "Definition of simplified setup of the information sheet and consent acquisition for cookies usage") as well as Recommendation n. 2 dated 2001 adopted as per Section 29 of Directive n. 95/46/CE, Europe Event Solutions Srl intends to inform its users on the use of their personal data, of the log files and of the so-called cookies gathered by means of navigation of the site and requesting information through the "Contact-us"  form.


Data Collection

Among Personal Data collected by this application, autonomously or through 3rd parties we have: Cookies, User data, First and Last Name, Email address and phone number.

Other data collected can be indicated in other sections of this privacy policy or through information text visualized along with the data collection itself.
Personal data can be voluntarily input by the User or collected automatically by this application.
The use of Cookies – Or other tracing systems – by this Application or by the 3rd party owners of this Application, unless otherwise specified, is meant to identify the User and register his/her preferences for the sole purpose of delivering the service requested by the User.
Lack of some of User’s Personal Data could prevent this Application from delivering its services.

The User takes full responsibility for 3rd party Personal Data published or shared through this application and guarantees his right to communicate or share it, therefore releasing the Holder of any responsibility towards 3rd parties.

Treatment Mode and Location of Collected Data

The Holder will handle User’s Personal Data by adopting security measures that will avoid unauthorized access, sharing, changing or destruction of Personal Data.
The data and cookies that you will receive will be processed only with the methods and procedures necessary to provide the services requested. The Data will not be disclosed but may be communicated, where necessary for the provision of the service, to 3rd parties that perform on the Holder’s behalf technical or organizational tasks in order to provide the requested services: administrative, commercial, marketing, legal, IT staff as well as technical service providers, couriers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies. These 3rd parties can be named responsible of treatment of data by the Holder. The updated list of 3rd parties can be requested to the Data Holder.

The Data is treated in the operations offices of the Holder and in any other locations where parties involved are located. For additional information please contact the Holder.

Data is kept for the time that is necessary to the handling of service requested by the User, or as described in this document, and the User can request the interruption or cancellation of Data.

Purpose of Data Treatment

User’s Data is collected to allow the Holder to provide his services as well as for the following purposes: statistics, contacting the User, authentication and visualization of outside platform contents.

The specific Personal Data utilized for each purpose is indicated in each section of this document.

Details on Data Treatment

Personal Data is collected for the following purposes and utilizing the following services:

Information Request and Contact Forms

  1. Contact Form (
    The User, by filling the contact form, allows the use of Data to reply to information request, RFP or any other request as indicated on the form. Personal Data collected: First and last name, Email address and Telephone number.


Services included in this section allow the Holder to monitor and analyze traffic data with the purpose of keeping track of User’s behavior.

  1. Google Analytics (Google) 
    Google Analytics is a service of web analysis provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilize Personal Date collected with the purpose to trace and examine the use of this application, fill in reports and share them with other services developed by Google. Google could utilize Personal Data to contextualize and personalize its advertising network ads.
    Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage Data
    Location of Treatment: USA – Privacy Policy – Opt Out

Visualization of external platform content

These services allow to visualize contents hosted on outside platforms directly through the pages of this Application and to interact with them.

In case this service is installed, it is possible that, even though Users might not utilize this service, it might collect traffic data pertaining to the pages where it is installed.

  1. Widget Google Maps (Google Inc.)
    Google Maps is a service of map visualization handled by Google Inc. that allows this Application to integrate these contents inside their pages.
    Personal Data collected: Cookie and Usage Data

Location of Treatment: USA – Privacy Policy

Cookie Information

Essential Cookies

These Cookies are essential to allow the Application to function and are utilized to save sessions and preferences.


Statistic Cookies

These Cookies are necessary for Statistics, as described in the specific section, to be able to function.

_ut*, _ga*
Google Analytics Cookie.

As the Cookie installation and other tracing systems operated by 3rd parties through the services inside this Application cannot be technically controlled by the Holder, every specific reference to Cookies and tracing systems installed by 3rd parties can only be considered an indication. In order to have complete information, please browse the privacy policy of the 3rd  party services indicated on this document.

Preferences for the use of Cookies

We inform the User that most browsers allow the opportunity to express their preferences about the use of cookies by the websites. Following please find the procedures to modify settings on cookies and
links to relevant pages of the main browsers.

  • Google Chrome – Select menu Chrome > Select “Impostazioni” > At the lower end of the page, select “Mostra impostazioni avanzate” > In the "Privacy" section, select “Impostazioni contenuti” > Select “Consenti il salvataggio dei dati in locale” > Select “Fine”.
    For additional information please see
  • Safari– To set up the cookie block by Safari in iOS 8, touch “Impostazioni” > Safari > “Blocca cookie” and choose "Consenti sempre" (always allow), "Consenti solo dai siti web che visito" (only allow through the website I visit), "Consenti solo dal sito web attuale" (only allow through this website) or "Blocca sempre" (Block at all times). In iOS 7 or older versions please choose "Mai" (Never), "Di terze parti e inserzionisti" (3rd parties and advertisers) or "Sempre"(Always). For additional information please see
  • Firefox – Clic on the menu and select “opzioni: > Select “Privacy” > On “Impostazioni cronologia” : select “utilizza impostazioni personalizzate” > To activate cookies, click on “Accetta i cookie dai siti”; To disactivate it please unclick. For additional information please see:
  • Explorer – Click on “Strumenti” and then on to ”Opzioni Internet” > Click on “scheda Privacy” and then go to “Impostazioni” scroll up and block all of the cookies or scroll down to allow them and then click OK. For additional information please see:
  • Opera - Preferenze > Avanzate > Cookie: These settings allow the configuration of cookie settings in Opera. The default setting allows to accept all cookies. Please select of the following settings:
    “L’impostazione Accetta I cookies”: all cookies are enabled;
    “L’impostazione Accetta i cookie solo dal sito che si visita”: 3rd party cookies, sent by a different domain than the one you are visiting, are refused
    “L’impostazione Non accettare mai i cookie”: all cookies are blocked
    For additional information please see:

We remind the User that by going back to the home page and starting navigation, you are indicating you are willing to accept cookies. Without a specific choice by the User, the website is set to automatically send cookies by default. May we remind you that not accepting 3rd party cookies might not allow the User to access all website functions. We are unable to identify all the consequences due to the lack of
acceptance of each cookie, as we can’t speculate the consequences of all possible combinations of cookies accepted and cookies not accepted.

Additional Treatment Information

Court Defense

Personal User’s Data can be used as Defense by the Holder in a Court or in earlier stages in case of abuse in the usage or in connected services on the part of the User. The User declares to be aware that the Holder could be required by public authorities to disclose Data.

Specific Disclosure

Upon User’s request, in addition to this privacy policy, this Application could provide the User additional information regarding specific services or the collection and treatment of Personal Data.

System Log and Maintenance

To allow proper functioning and maintenance, this Application and eventually 3rd party services that are utilized could collect system Log which are files that record the interactions and may contain personal Data such as the User’s IP address.

Information not included in this policy

Additional information regarding Personal Data can be requested at any time to the Data Collection Holder by using Contact information.

User’s Rights

At any time, the User has a right to request the confirmation of collection of Personal Data by the Holder, to know the content and origin, to verify accuracy, to ask for adjustments, cancellation, updating, changes, modification to anonymity or complete block of Personal Data treated in violation of law and can also oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the Data treatment. Requests need to be sent to the Holder.

This Application does not support the “Do not track” requests. To find out if 3rd party services support the Do Not Track requests, please refer to their privacy policy.

Adjustments to this Privacy Policy

The Holder reserves the right to make adjustments to this privacy policy at any time by informing Users on this page. We encourage you to often check this page and refer to the latest date indicated on the bottom of the page. In case of lack of acceptance of the changes to this privacy policy, the User will have to stop using this Application and can request the Holder to remove his/her Personal Data.
Except where otherwise noted, the previous privacy policy will continue to apply to the Personal Data collected until that moment.

Definitions and Legal References

Personal Data

Personal Data is any information about a physical person, identified or identifiable, also not directly, through the reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.

Usage Data

Information collected automatically by this Application (or by 3rd parties utilized by this Application) including: IP address or domain names of computers utilized by the User that connects to this Application, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses, time of the request, method utilized to submit the request to the served, file dimension of the reply, numeric code indicating the server reply status (delivered, undelivered, etc), the country of origin, browser features and operating system utilized by the User, time connotations of the visit (i.e. time spent on each page) and the details regarding itinerary followed inside the Application, with reference to the sequence of pages consulted, and the User’s IT parameters.


The User of this Application must be the Individual whose Data is being treated or must be authorized by such Individual.


The physical person or company, public administration or any other association or organization who is responsible for Data treatment and all the decisions regarding Data treatment, including security issues and the functioning of this Application. The Holder, except where otherwise specified, is the owner of this Application.

This Application

The hardware or software the User’s Data is collected through


Small portion of Data saved inside the User’s device.